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    1 日常起居 Daily Routine
    起床 Getting Up
    睡覺 Sleeping
    居家住房 Living in the House
    2 出入家門 Leaving and Getting Home
    離家前 Before Leaving Home
    回家后 After Getting Home
    3 家常美食 Homemade Food
    做飯 Cooking
    吃飯 Dining
    飲料 Drinks
    肉類 Meat
    一日三餐 Breakfast, Lunch and Supper
    收拾餐桌碗碟 Cleaning up the Table and Dishware
    4 理財規劃 Financial Management
    花銷 Expense
    儲蓄 Saving
    5 電話往來 Telephone Communication
    接電話 Answering the Telephone
    打電話 Making a Telephone Call
    電話留言 Message
    打錯電話 Wrong Number
    掛斷電話 Hanging Up
    手機座機通話障礙Telephone Connection Difficulties
    6 休閑娛樂 Recreation and Entertainment
    看電視 Watching TV
    看電影 Going to the Movies
    聽音樂 Listening to Music
    讀書看報 Reading Book and Newspaper
    在KTV At the KTV
    在舞廳 At the Ballroom
    在酒吧 At the Bar
    在咖啡館 In the Café
    7 數字、時間與日期 Number, Time and Date
    數字 Number
    時間 Time
    日期 Date
    8 外出就餐前 Before Dining Out
    商定餐館 Deciding on Restaurant
    預訂餐位 Reserving a Table
    9 點菜 Ordering
    準備點菜 Getting Ready to Order
    點菜 Ordering
    等待上菜 Waiting for Food
    10 用餐 Dining
    用餐中勸酒夾菜 Helping Sb. to Have More During the Meal
    談論飯菜 Discussing Dishes
    抱怨飯菜 Complaining about the Food
    買單 Paying the Check
    11 其他場所用餐 Dining in Other Types of Restaurants
    在西餐廳 At a Western Restaurant
    在比薩店 At a Pizza Shop
    在快餐店 At a Fast-Food Restaurant
    12 理發 Haircut
    準備理發 Getting Ready for a Haircut
    開始理發 Starting to Have a Haircut
    13 燙發染發 Hair Perming and Dying
    燙發 Having One’s Hair Permed
    染發 Having One’s Hair Dyed
    14 美容 Beauty Care
    皮膚護理 Skin Care
    美甲服務 Nail Care
    15 戀愛生活 Life in love
    萌生好感 Having a Crush
    表白愛意 Expressing Love
    抱怨 Complaining
    爭吵 Disputing
    用情不專 Being Unfaithful in a Relationship
    分手 Breaking Up
    16 婚姻生活 Marriage Life
    婚姻狀況 Marital Status
    求婚 Proposing
    拒絕求婚 Turning Down an Offer
    同意求婚 Accepting an Offer
    婚禮 Wedding
    幸福的婚姻 A Happy Marriage
    不幸的婚姻 An Unhappy Marriage
    離婚 Divorce
    17 大眾節日 Popular Holidays
    新年 New Year
    感恩節 Thanksgiving Day
    萬圣節前夜 Halloween
    圣誕節 Christmas
    18 特定人群節日 Holidays for Special Groups
    情人節 Valentine’s Day
    母親節 Mother’s Day
    父親節 Father’s Day
    19 個人節日 Personal Celebrations
    生日 Birthday
    結婚紀念日 Wedding Anniversary




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